IMC CAMOS Europe is specialized in high quality mobile electronics, especially for bigger vehicles like mobile homes and trucks. The portfolio ranges from complete multimedia solutions such as playback devices, video monitors and satellite systems to rear view and navigation systems for more safety on the roads.

IMC CAMOS offers also 360 degree vehicle camera system that provides drivers with a ‘look-down’ view all around their vehicle, making parking, reversing and manoeuvring safe and easy. The camera system eliminates all blind-spots and can be installed/calibrated to any type or size of vehicle. The images from the four, ultra-wide angle lens cameras are blended together to present the driver with an easy to interpret 360 degree view, ensuring no blind-spots.

IMC attention is to construct products with the most practice-orientated features, as many of satisfied clients can confirm. Technical cunning and reliability in the mobile usage is one of the most important attributes of IMC products.