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Code of conduct

Rindab having a good reputation as a responsible and trustworthy company is a fundamental prerequisite for our business. We want to ensure that Rindab operations are permeated by responsible behaviour towards employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, authorities, and the rest of the world around us. The Code of Conduct applies to all Rindab employees, and compliance with the principles stated in this Code is essential when choosing with whom to work.

Business ethics and information management


Rindab does not tolerate any form of corruption or fraud. Rindab employees must not give, promise, offer, solicit, or accept remuneration or benefits that violate applicable law and good business practice, or which may influence, or be perceived to influence, the objectivity of decisions.


Rindab employees must not engage in any form of agreements, contacts, or measures aimed at obstructing, restricting, or distorting competition. Rindab employees shall handle contacts with competitors with caution, and such contacts shall always be arranged in a way that ensures compliance with competition rules.


Rindab employees shall present Rindab’s products and services in an accurate and fair manner, and comply with applicable regulations, legal requirements, and good marketing practices.

Rindab shall ensure that its products meet applicable regulations and legal requirements, including, inter alia, rules for product safety and labelling.

Conflicts of interest

Rindab employees shall avoid contexts in which their own, their relatives’, or their friends’ interests risk being in conflict with what is best for Rindab. Personal interests and external activities must not affect, or be perceived to affect, the employees’ judgement or actions when performing their work for Rindab.

Taxes and money laundering

In the countries where Rindab operates, applicable laws and regulations regarding taxes and anti-corruption measures must be complied with. Rindab employees must not accept, support, or facilitate violations regarding taxes and money laundering.

Financial reporting

Rindab shall publish regular financial information in accordance with applicable regulations for limited companies. The financial reporting must be accurate and complete, comply with applicable laws, regulations, and recommendations, and give a true and fair description of Rindab’s operations. Rindab must have a well-functioning process for ensuring this.


Rindab’s communication shall be open, accurate, transparent, and easily accessible, and shall take into account legal requirements and business confidentiality. Information about Rindab’s operations, customers, or suppliers may be confidential or protected. Rindab employees must protect such information from unauthorised use and dissemination. Rindab employees are expected to be good representatives of Rindab and must not act or express themselves in ways that may harm Rindab’s business or brand.

Human rights and worker conditions

Human rights

Rindab must support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, including rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the event that Rindab identifies a risk that Rindab, through its activities, is complicit in violations against human and children’s rights, appropriate measures must be taken.

Child labour

Rindab must not utilise, support, or benefit from child labour. Rindab must not employ workers under the age of 18 for any form of work that may pose a risk to their health, safety, or wellbeing.

In no case shall Rindab employ workers under the age of 16.

Forced and compulsory labour

Rindab must not utilise, support, or benefit from any form of forced or compulsory labour. Workers must be able to move freely during their term of employment and be free to leave their employment after termination in accordance with applicable laws and agreements.

Freedom of association

Rindab must respect the right of every employee to join, or refrain from joining, trade unions or other employee organisations. Rindab must recognise the workers’ elected representatives and negotiate with them in good faith regarding all important issues in the workplace.

Occupational health and safety

Rindab shall provide a sound and safe work environment. Occupational health and safety efforts must be preventive. Risks must be continuously assessed to enable protective measures. Rindab shall provide protective equipment and safety training for the performance of duties. In case of process disruptions, work safety must be prioritised over production.

Rindab employees must contribute to their own and their colleagues’ sound and safe work environment by acting safely and following the instructions and procedures available, and alert to any risks and incidents.

Rindab employees must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the workplace.

Gender equality, diversity, and equal opportunities

All employment-related decisions must be based on relevant and objective criteria, such as qualification, experience, and performance. Rindab employees shall be treated with dignity and respect. Discrimination, harassment, abuse, or threats in the workplace must not occur.

Rindab employees shall have fair and equal development opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, union affiliation, social background, health status, or family responsibilities.

Wages, working hours, and other working conditions

Rindab must pay market salaries. Minimum wage requirements by law or contract must be complied with. Salaries must be paid regularly. Rindab employees shall have the right to overtime compensation, annual holiday leave, sick leave, and parental leave in accordance with law and agreements. Rindab employees shall have a written, understandable, and legally binding employment contract. Rindab must comply with applicable laws, agreements, and industry standards regarding working hours. Rindab must respect the integrity of employees and treat personal data confidentially and in accordance with applicable legislation.


Corporate social responsibility

Rindab must, in its operations, support a precautionary approach to prevent or counteract damages to human health and the environment.

The environmental impact must be acceptable to people and the environment, during ongoing as well as after completed processes.

In product development and investments, profitability shall be combined with efficient resource utilisation and environmental consideration. Efforts are determined by what is technically feasible, financially reasonable, and environmentally and energy justified.

Environmental consideration must factor into every major business decision. As far as possible, environmental responsibility is placed with purchasing, sales, development, administration, and logistics to ensure compliance with binding requirements and applicable legislation.


Rindab employees must comply with all applicable legislation, and if the provisions of this Code are inconsistent with legislation, the applicable laws and regulations shall prevail.

Rindab expects its employees and other stakeholders who suspect violations against this Code to report this. An employee who wishes to report such suspicion can contact his or her immediate supervisor or any other manager within Rindab. Rindab does not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who submits such a report in good faith.

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