Portable Winch

Portable Winch Co. is the world’s leading manufacturer of portable gasoline-powered and electric-powered winches. Their winches are compact and powerful, yet so light that you can carry them in your hand wherever you want.

Anytime you need to pull something in areas where no other equipment is available, whether it’s a cable, a log, a large wild animal, a vehicle or anything else, you now have access to 1000kg of pulling power on a single line!

Portable winch is perfect for the boat club, the hunting team, the snowmobile gang, for the trailer, in the country, etc.

Examples of products from Portable Winch: gasoline-powered portable winch, electric-powered portable winch, battery-powered portable winch, winch bag, winch rope, winch block, winch anchor, accessories, etc.

Portable Winch has products for: boaters, hunters, gardening, homeowners, vehicle enthusiasts, contractors, etc.

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