IPF from Japan has for many years manufactured and served the rally world with first-class lighting of the best performance and quality.

IPF’s LED lighting is designed to fit both passenger cars, light transport vehicles, trucks and off-road vehicles as well as rally cars. With both E-marked traditional round lamps in LED design and so-called LED ramps, there are opportunities to choose the lighting that best suits the application.

IPF also has a large range of LED lamps that replace original light bulbs in the original lighting for both passenger cars and trucks.

Examples of products from IPF: auxiliary light, rally light, auxiliary light with position light, super rally, h4, h11, h8, h9, hb3, hb4, LED conversion, search light, fog light, reverse light, LED ramp, model-specific kit, bulb, wiring, switch , lamp stays, etc.

IPF has products for: passenger cars, trucks, buses, rally cars, off-road vehicles, adventure vehicles, 4×4 etc.

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IPF official website: https://www.ipf-light.com/